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My Services


Sex and Sexuality

Throughout my career as a Counsellor/Psychotherapist, it has become obvious that sex and sexuality are themes that are at the core of many of my client's emotional difficulties, and that in turn these emotional difficulties can have a great impact on sexual desire and ability to have fulfilling sexual lives. Sex and sexuallity are themes surrounded by taboos and misconceptions that can impede psychosexual needs  being addressed appropriately as a natural aspect of  life

I feel that it is important to overcome prejudice around sexual diversity and that  by providing education it is possible to change perceptions and attitudes around sex and sexuality. I support people who are looking to understand their needs, wish to  overcome their sexual anxieties and  exploring issues around:

  • Inability to forge deep and meaningful relationships

  • Feelings of Inadequacy
  • Taboos
  • LGBTQI-related issues

  • Binary and non-binary

  • Transsexualism
  • Polyamory relationships
  • Sexual difficulties

  • Internet porn
  • Sexual offending: I am a registered counsellor for StopSo

Mental and Emotional Health

Until recently Mental Health conditions such as Anxiety and Depression were dismissed and stigmatised, meaning that people struggling with these issues were left feeling guilty, ashamed and isolated. Fortunately nowadays it is recognised that emotional and mental health difficulties can  affect people from all ages and backgrounds; therefore, making reaching out for help more acceptable, not just for Anxiety and Depression but for a wide range of issues. 

At the extreme, Anxiety and Depression can be crippling and even life threatening. However, more often than not, Anxiety and Depression, as well as other emotional difficulties, are less severe. Often, these conditions can be the result of life's circumstances, hardship, loss, or could be caused by seemingly unrelated issues. In therapy you can gain a better perspective of what is affecting you, address unresolved feelings and take ownership of your life. With all that said, coming away from certain situations and addressing difficult feelings may be easier said than done, and sometimes change is just not an option, in which case therapy can help you develop  coping strategies to make life more bearable.

Anxiety and Depression  can be caused by underlying health conditions and if you are struggling without an apparent motive, consulting your GP is a good starting point as they may be able to find out if there are  biological imbalances causing your symptoms and offer you the right treatment.

I can support you find your own answers, help you deal with your overwhelming feelings and pain as well as the following:

  • Struggling to make sense of life and finding purpose
  • Struggling to understand their own emotions and feelings
  • Overcoming childhood experiences

  • Dementia Diagnoses/losing a loved one to a Dementia
  • Overcoming social anxiety
  • Addressing multicultural issues 
  • Emotional aspects of being a refugee/immigrant 

  • Feeling isolated and uprooted
  • Exploring the potential and limitations of the human condition
  • Struggling to take responsibility for own actions

This list is not exhaustive. Feel free to get in touch even if your issue is not listed,  I may still be able to help you.  


Alternatively, if you are in a crisis and think you might hurt yourself, someone else or planning to take your own life, call 999. Look at my useful links page for more information.

Note: I am not a crisis therapist and will not be able to assist you in an emergency.